August 27th - Road Bike-Handling Skills Workshop

August 27th - Road Bike-Handling Skills Workshop

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Join us for a Road Skills Clinic. This clinic will be led by Rick Schultz, DBA USAC Coach, CPBT - Certified Power Based Training, CSI - Certified Skills Instructor, BRP - Beginner Racer Program Instructor/Coach, Certified Bike Fitter

The clinic is designed for the beginning and intermediate road cyclist and will focus on the following skills:

  • Skill Drill #1 - Runway with cones
  • Skill Drill #2a - Turning Cornering
  • Skill Drill #2b - High Speed Cornering
  • Skill Drill #3 - Bunny Hops
  • Skill Drill #4 - High Speed Braking
  • Skill Drill #5 - Straight Line Sprinting
  • Skill Drill #6 - Field Work
  • Skill Drill #7 - Road Drills

Participants will have the opportunity to see skills demonstrated, ask questions and then practice.

8:00am meet/set-up/light breakfast
8:30am Clinic starts promptly
11:30am - 12 noon clinic ends