Girls Ride 2

You’re a gal that likes to be part of something special, part of a group that shares a common passion for building community through their love of cycling, and you like to save a little money so you can buy that next cool jersey or part for your bike.

We see our GR2 group as an important part of a larger riding community. Because of this we ask all members to keep the following in mind –
  • Speak positively about other riders, riding groups, and bike shops. Everyone has a bad experience from time to time, but talking down others or spreading negative gossip doesn’t support our community or the positive relationships we aspire to build. Keep the negative to yourself, spread the positive.
  • Be a role model, build goodwill. We take riding seriously but not each other. Remain positive and supportive of those you ride with and anyone you meet on the trail – other riders, hikers, runners, horseback riders, etc. Be careful of comments that you make, language used and tone. Remember, if you’re wearing a G2 or GR2 jersey – or riding with someone who is – your actions directly reflect on our community and G2 Bike.
  • Follow traffic laws and trail regulations. Keep it safe and fun! Pay attention and follow the laws and rules, this keeps you and those you share the trail with safe. Nothing ruins a ride faster than an injury or accident that could have been avoided.
  • Be thoughtful about posts and comments. We love having members share their thoughts, anecdotes and wisdom on our website, FB pages and group pages. That said, please remember that these are public posts and are not the place for criticism, negative personal remarks or complaints. Re-read your comments before you hit “send” or “post” to ensure your message is one that enhances the experience of others and builds a sense of community.

Welcome to Girls Ride 2!