SoCal Endurance 6 Hours of Temecula - G2 Junior MTB Team is Formed and these guys are FAST!

Race Recap from Andrew Vollmer:

For the first time in over a year I got to race at the SoCal Endurance 6 hour! I participated in a two-man 6-hour team with Nick Padilla (who is also a G2 racer). I was chosen to do the first lap, and on the first climb managed to pass a lot of the racers and came out with the 15th fastest lap time of the day (according to Strava) out of the 800 racers.

I quickly handed the timing device to Nick, and he was off. After Nick’s killer lap time we had taken the lead for our category. I managed to stick with two other racers on my second lap keeping the pace high, and the lap time was somewhat similar to my first. When Nick got back from his 2nd lap, and out teams 4th I was feeling a bit more fatigued but tried to keep the pace up. This lap was a bit more lonely, and I had a few more mistakes due to the fatigue, so I was excited to hand the timing chip back to Nick, and get to rest for a little bit. We were on track for getting 8 laps, and winning our category, but we would have to avoid any mistakes.

About 15 minutes into my resting time, the call came. It was Nick!!! His crank arm had fallen off and couldn’t be repaired. I lost all hope in winning but the race must go on, so I headed out onto the course with barely any rest to find Nick, take his timing chip and finish our team’s 6th lap. I finally found Nick on the side of the course, took the timing chip and finished the lap for him. During the lap I was questioning whether if I had to do another lap after, or Nick would even have a bike. So I tried to conserve some energy just in case.

As I approached the transition zone I saw Nick on a Cross Bike! I was relieved but worried if he could do the course on that bike. Another call came, and Nick double flatted making the situation even worse! At the end of the day I did 4 laps, and Nick did only 2 due to the unfortunate mishaps. We ended up finishing in 7th, even though we were on track for 1st, but that’s racing!

-Andrew (Race report from Andrew Vollmer, pictured above, Andrew Vollmer and Nick Padilla)

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