2015 MTB Season is Here! Andrew Vollmer storms the Southridge Winter Series!

Southridge U.S.A.
2015 Winter Race Series
Race #1, January 10, 2015
XC Expert 18 and Under
Fontana, CA

I decided to go ahead and race the 1st Southridge Winter Series of the season in the Expert 18 and under class. I was really looking forward to racing at Fontana again because it’s one of my favorite courses. The course was a bit sandier this year but overall was the same.

Seven other racers showed up in my category, and all of them were definitely a factor to deal with. As the race started a large group of my category and some other racers stuck together until the singletrack hit, and I was sitting in 6th.

On the second lap I managed to gain a spot and move up to 5th, when I ran into quite a situation! I was almost done with my second of three laps when a pit bull who had escaped from a near by house (that I also had and encounter with last year, he was back!) showed up before the last fire road! Its slobbery mouth and 100 pounds of anger stared me down as I came around the turn, and I was preparing to either hit it square on or crash trying to dodge it. I decided to see if it would move if I went at it, but it moved and I missed it by the hair on his chiny-chin-chin. But now it was even angrier and bit my foot causing me to fall in a rut. I kept on moving and tried to sprint away but my chain had fallen off. Now I knew I was doomed until a poor soul of another racer came and the dog focused his fury on him instead of me! I quickly put the chain on and sprinted away as I heard distant barks. I was relieved to make it through the situation, and now I had to focus on why I was here.

I felt really good on my last lap, gave it everything I had, and managed to reel in another rider and take 4th place. I was still hoping that the pit bull wasn’t at the same spot as the previous lap. Luckily the dog wasn’t there! Now I was in the home stretch and finished my first Expert race in 4th, out of a stacked class.

-Andrew Vollmer

***editors note: No animals or minors were injured during the making of this blog post.


(Podium Outtakes featuring Robot Rogers! Dork!!!!)

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