2014 SoCalCross Prestige Series Finale "Santa Cross"

The whole G2 gang made it out to the final CX race of the SoCalCross season at Pierce College, and I was anxiously waiting for my race to start. The course was a mix of a multitude of switchbacks, some steep climbs, fast flats, and it was all on tacky dirt! There was also a staircase with a muddy run-up after that seemed to be getting steeper and more slippery every lap. I had a great start to my race, and managed to dodge a crash at the first turn, and another on the first climb. I stayed with my teammate and a group on the first lap but got some separation at the beginning of the second lap, and was trying to keep up a good pace by myself.

Most of my first three laps I was with other racers and we were switching off on who was leading. For the last part of my seven laps I was sitting in no-mans land, but could see a big group of riders ahead. I finished mid-pack, which I was pretty happy with, and I managed to get a candy cane handout during the race, and finally got the jumping of the barriers down!


HUGE shout out to all of the G2 Bike group for all the hospitality at the races, it was my first couple races racing with them, and I can’t wait for all the fun in the future.

-Andrew Vollmer

2014 SoCalCross Prestige Series Finale
"Santa Cross"
Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA
Sunday, 12-14-14
Men's B Class

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