UCI CXLA SoCalCross Weekend LIVE at the Greek!

Griffith Park and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles was the setting for the CXLA weekend. I raced on Sunday and wanted to step-up my game by racing in the Men’s B Class. I raced on a MTB because it is still more familiar to me. Towards the beginning of the race I was in top 10, but got passed rapidly on the first staircase, but then regained positions on the switchbacks, and climbs. For the first couple of laps I was sitting in no-mans land with another racer.

On the beginning of my 4th lap I caught up to another G2 racer, now that I had a teammate with me I was poised to do some real damage, but with only two laps left it was hard to catch up to the people in the distance. Now on the 6th and final lap I was TRYING to follow my teammate’s pace but in the end he dropped me on the climb. At some of the more technical parts of the lap I could catch up to my teammate and even passed him before the barriers, but with his long strides he dropped me again. He encouraged me to keep at it but I was left sprinting to catch up to him on the last stretch of road. I settled into 15th place at the finish but it was fun to race with so many people, and I felt good the entire race!

-Andrew Vollmer

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