UDO Spyclocross SCNA District Cyclocross Championships

Having to wake up at 5:15 in the morning was all worth it at the end of the day. I was at SCNA SPYclocross State Championships at Lake Hodges, and the course was on point. I decided to race the 15-16 year old category. There was a great turnout of people in my class, and I was anxious to race! On the first lap I was sitting in 4th through the sand right behind the leaders. But the group of the two leaders had to much power on the flats for me to keep up. So another racer and I in my group fought it out for the first two laps until I dropped him through the sand after riding through it instead of running, and increased my lead on the climb. The two leaders were still in my sights, I gained a bit of time on the climb, but it wasn’t enough. Now that I couldn’t even see 4th place behind me, I was just trying to catch up to second, and every lap I was reeling him in by a couple of seconds. At the end of my brutal 6 laps I ended up in 3rd, wishing I had a couple more laps to catch up to second. To top the day off I got a cool medal, some SWAG and got to relax and watch some pros, and other people suffer!

Andrew Vollmer
UDO Spyclocross
SCNA District Cyclocross Championships
Lake Hodges, Escondido, CA
Sunday 11-9-14
Men's 15-16 Juniors

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