SocalCross Spooky Cross Sunday 10-26-14 Race Report - Andrew Vollmer

Hi, I’m Andrew Vollmer, I’m 14 years old, live in Orange County, California and have joined the G2 Bike family of racers. Over the last weekend I tried CX for the first time this year! I raced the second day of Spooky-Cross at Irvine Lake and decided to start off by racing the Men’s C Class. I raced on my MTB bike because it was more fun, and suited the course. After a decent start I was in about 20th place, then passed about 5 people on the first climb, and after a lap and a half I was sitting happily in 3rd place seeing the first two off in the distance. Unfortunately, on the last lap I got passed by a rider on the barriers, and another rider was catching up to me! So far in the race, I cleared both Sandpits every lap but due to a bit of fatigue I made a mistake half way through the second Sandpit, causing me to get off the bike, and ended up getting passed just before the finish line. So I ended up in 5th on the podium, and had a really fun time. I didn’t race again due to a sore lower back, but it was an overall fun day. And I’m excited to be with G2 for the coming season!

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